Icelandic Horse Training

Clear Lake Farm Training of Icelandic Horses

Clear Lake Farm (CLF) is a learning centre for horse and rider. The CLF team provides training for Icelandic Horses of all ages: halter training youngsters, starting horses under saddle, improving overall performance, tölt training, eliminating problems with riding horses, or making trail and pleasure horses more reliable.   

The horses receive specific training according to their owners’ desires and goals.

At CLF horses are ridden on the oval track, in the dressage ring, on trails with varying terrain and along the side roads. Training sessions take place accompanied by other horses and / or alone.

Training is available from the middle of April until the end of October.

The number of horses accepted for training is limited in order to facilitate appropriate and intensive training.

CLF is a place where horses grow in confidence and are taught by competent handlers and trainers.

Rates (in CAD)
4 weeks horse training including board Total: $ 824 (5 sessions per week)
8 weeks horse training including board Total: $1,528 (4-5 sessions per week)
Clear Lake Farm Training


The CLF team can also accommodate longer training periods and offers discounts for multiple horses by one owner.