Icelandic Horse Stud Service

Icelandic Horse Stud Service

Clear Lake Farm (CLF), dedicated to breeding quality Icelandic Horses, is proud to offer one of the finest stallions in the Icelandic Horse world:

The First Prize stallion Logi frá Skarði | View Photo Gallery

The 4-gaited stallion Logi frá Skarði (born 1988, chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, blaze) may be considered a living legend in the history of Icelandic Horse breeding. His excellent world wide reputation is due to the high quality of his progeny. Logi has been awarded First Prize for offspring and has produced over 30 First Prize horses.

Logi frá Skarði has reached an overall evaluation mark of 8.40.
This is exceptional as a 4-gaited horse with an assigned score of 5 for pace.

Individual scores
Logi Tölt 9.5 Head 7.3
Trot 9.3 Neck/withers/shoulders 8.2
Pace 5.0 Back & hindquarters 8.0
Canter & Gallop 8.8 Proportions 8.2
Temperament 8.8 Quality of legs 8.3
Character 8.5 Leg structure 8.0
General Impression 9.5 Hooves 9.2
Rideability 8.57 Conformation 8.23

Logi frá Skarði is one of the last sons of the famous Honour Stallion Hrafn frá Holtsmúla still available for breeding.  Hrafn is referred to as the greatest stallion of the last century – a sire of gæðingar (dream horses). He has had an enormous influence on Icelandic Horse breeding. Logi passes on desirable traits of the traditional Icelandic bloodlines. Depending on the mare, Logi will produce 4- or 5-gaited offspring.

Logi is available for stud for purebred registered Icelandic mares only. Live foal guarantee. Off farm lease possible.
Stud fee including 6 weeks pasture board & tax (in CAD): $1,500.

Logi frá Skarði - true First Prize stallion - a proven producer!