Riding Lessons & Clinics

Clear Lake Farm Lessons & Clinics

Clear Lake Farm (CLF) is a learning centre for horse and rider. On site accommodation for students complements the facilities consisting of an oval track, a dressage ring and a network of trails. Quiet side roads give the opportunity to gently accustom rider and horse to traffic. 

This unique set-up provides ideal conditions for working with students according to their needs, wishes and goals. The CLF team provides quality education, furthering riders of all levels. Clinics are well planned with theory lessons being a significant part. Education, safety and fun are equally important.

Clear Lake Farm Riding Clinics

CLF’s complete comprehensive program offers a diversity of approaches. In addition to lessons and clinics given by Otmar, a variety of workshops such as Horsemanship Clinics, Centered Riding sessions, Yoga for Riders, and seminars taught by International instructors, are being offered.

Customized clinics taught by Otmar are offered at Clear Lake Farm or any other suitable location.

Riding lessons may be scheduled throughout the year from the middle of April to the end of October.

Accommodation on site is possible during all events. Staying at Clear Lake Cottage provides a great opportunity to meet other Icelandic Horse enthusiasts in a casual atmosphere.

The CLF team supports you on your journey to becoming the rider you always wanted to be.

Rates for Lessons (in CAD)
Group lesson (3-4 students) $40 per person for 60 minutes
Semi-private lesson (2 students) $50 for 45 minutes
Private lesson $60 for 45 minutes
Bruno Podlech
Bruno Podlech of the well-known German Icelandic Horse Farm "Der Wiesenhof" giving a clinic on Natural Gait distribution in horses.

Rates for this year’s riding clinics and seminars are listed under “Events” section.