Icelandic Horse Boarding Facility

Icelandic Horse Boarding Facility

Clear Lake Farm (CLF) provides facilities and conditions well-suited to Icelandic Horses.

Young Icelandic Horses grow up as part of a herd and close to nature. Large fields with trees, big rocks, and low hills provide the ideal conditions for developing sure footed horses. The social interaction within the herd is vital to both mental and physical maturity.

Clear Lake Farm Boarding Stable

Boarded riding horses are kept in a group paddock adjacent to the designated boarding stable, conveniently accessible to their owners. The stable offers a sheltered tack-up area, a tack-room and box stalls. Owners of boarded horses have free use of the facilities at CLF: trails on 220 acres, a 200 m oval track and a dressage ring.

From every field the horses have access to a shelter or an open barn equipped with an automatic water bowl. Quality hay and availability of minerals are guaranteed.

CLF includes boarded horses in its trimming, shoeing, worming and vaccination program. Extra services according to the owner’s wishes can be arranged.

CLF is a place where horses grow in confidence and are taught by competent handlers and trainers.

Rates (in CAD)
Clear Lake Farm Boarding Rates Horses part of our young horse herd $140 per month
Riding horses $175 per month
Paddock during events $8 per day
Box stall during events $12 per day