About Clear Lake Farm

About Clear Lake Farm

Clear Lake Farm (CLF) is an Equestrian Centre dedicated exclusively to Icelandic Horses. CLF is located on 220 acres in the beautiful Almaguin Highlands - about 3 hours north of Toronto / Ontario / Canada. One kilometer of lake shore along former Clear Lake (now Newell Lake) complements this charming property.

Clear Lake Farm is one of a kind, a place where everyone can experience the Icelandic Horse – be it on horseback or as a visitor enjoying a relaxing stay at Clear Lake Cottage.

Originally from Germany (a country with the world’s second largest population of Icelandic Horses) Otmar has brought his life-long experience with Icelandics to Canada.

Otmar has been one of the first Trainer A (highest level) with the German Icelandic Horse Federation (IPZV). He is a Certified Riding Instructor with the German National Horse Federation (FN). Otmar has worked all his life with Icelandic Horses having operated a riding business on an island in the North Sea before coming to Ontario.

Otmar plays a significant role in the furthering and promoting of the Icelandic Horse in Canada. He was on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation (CIHF).

CLF hosts many seminars and events on behalf of the Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation, such as education for National Breeding and Sport Judges, and a Young Horse Breeding Evaluation in 2007. Clear Lake Farm also made history, by organizing and hosting the First Canadian Ice Tölt in 2006.

The team at Clear Lake Farm provides honest, caring, friendly and professional services that deal with all aspects of Icelandic Horse handling and ownership.